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Waste Age: What can Design Do

Shocking facts, exhibits and statistics await you as you enter this new eco exhibition at the Design Museum.

  • 1/3 of all global food produce is wasted

  • A T-shirt is worn on average just seven times but it is produced using 2,700 litres of water

  • A bottle top chain (below) of 6,000 plastic bottle lids collected from one beach in Cornwall over just one winter.

The message is a VERY clear one. Our throw away society needs to reduce waste, consume less and recycle literally everything that we possibly can. I have to admit my daughter and I felt pretty full of doom initially BUT as you wind your way through the exhibition there are so many rays of hope as visionary designers are constantly inventing incredible eco initiatives to try and combat the mountains of waste around the world. The Ellen McArthur Foundation, Stella McCartney, Location & Vassel, Tate & Lyle are all collaborating to create unique new ways to combat waste.

Calcareous Arabesque: Sugar waste used to create thermal and acoustic walls

Two great installations for kids include the interactive hidden forest 'Life from Light' created by the Sony Design Centre in Europe. As you walk past the screen a hidden light flashes up in the forest in sync with your movements. Look out for the mushrooms and stag. The large-scale art installation by Ibrahim Mahama made from TV e-waste in Ghana is pretty striking too. The Pu Drollings, waste from a wellie boot factory, will fascinate little ones.

This is one of those exhibitions that will stay with you long after you leave. My daughter woke up this morning and we talked about the changes we are planning to make. What more can you ask from an exhibition. Everyone needs to go.

By Julia Colls, 25 October 2021

Design Museum

Waste Age: What can Design Do

Tickets: Family from £24

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