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The Fabric of Democracy at the Fashion and Textile Museum REVIEW

Oh we love this gem of a museum in funky Bermondsey. Their latest show is more history/politics than fashion but no less fascinating for that. Secondary school pupils (especially anyone doing Modern History or Politics A level) will find it both fun and educational. From the Battle of Hastings to the French Revolution, the World Wars to Maoist China, see how textiles and clothing have been used as important propaganda tools. Fans and scarves, in particular, were popular canvases!

Chart the rise of flag waving nationalism and the cult of the hero, from Nelson to Donald Trump, with some unusual items before coming up to date with slogan fashion and Post-truth propaganda today.

There is a suitably stylish 'Create and Learn' space on your way out where you can have a go at designed a T-shirt or badge with your own message.

The Fabric of Democracy, 29 Sept–3 March 2024. Tickets: £12.65 adults, £11.55 concessions, U12s free.

While You are There...

Pop into the charming free display (on your left as you go in) Oh Boy!, a look at historical boy's dress from 1760–1930. Taken from a private collection, Act 1, Breeched No More Dresses runs until 16 December and looks at the transition from dresses to grown up breeches and/or trousers. The clothes are shown as a tableau against a sepia background, a group of boys heading off with their kite on a windy day.

Emily Turner, 16 October 2023

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