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The Art of Movement, Van Cleef & Arpels

This tiny gem of an exhibition beautifully displayed in a luxuriously carpeted room at the very top of the Design Museum is an autumnal sparkling treat for all ages.

Following the history of this iconic Parisian Maison (since its foundation in 1906) prepare to be mesmerised by the natural inspiration behind all these shining masterpieces. Movement is a central theme to all their creations whether that be the tremble of a flower is a breeze or the flapping of a birds wing.

The twirling ballerina's pirouetting on a spinning thread are just mesmerising. Over one hundred gleaming pieces await you. Creativity and craftsmanship at it's greatest.

It's only on for a month so do hurry along!

Julia Colls 23 Sept 2022

23 Sept–20 Oct 2022

Design Museum in association with Van Cleef & Arpels



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