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REVIEW: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2023

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Once again the annual Wildlife Photography show returns to the Natural History Museum. With over 50,000 entrants from 95 countries the selected 100 on show are quite simply staggering.

Amateur and professional photographers have explored all corners of our globe, from sprawling urban cities to the deep blue polar seas. Our favourite shot this year was 'Possum's Midnight Snack' taken by Caitlin Henderson (Australia) when she unexpectedly came across this little furry guest on her balcony.

Once again we are in awe of the younger years categories. We had a lovely chat with Vihaan (aged 10) about his first visit to the tamarind grove where he took this great picture of an orb weaver spider.

Opening just in time for half term this one is always a dandelion favourite.

By Julia Colls, 11 Oct 2023

Natural History Museum

13 Oct–30 June

£17.50 adults, £10.50 kids


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