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Bob Marley One Love Experience

An exhibition - I don't think so ....think more immersive bells and whistles, musical, memorabilia walk-through.

Low on detail but high on feel good factor we think Marley fans will love the smoke filled One Love Forest complete with love swing and the funky Soul Shake Down Silent Disco. Think Insta heaven with heaps of epic photography, album covers, stage-worn outfits, gold discs and Marley inspired Street Art. Across six rooms and two floors at the Saatchi Gallery you learn a little of Marley's love of football and table tennis before winding your way through a long corridor loaded with stage gear and giant speakers.

Swing in the Love Forest

Is it commercial ? Yes horribly BUT we came out smiling and instantly downloaded Bob's greatest hits on Spotify. We think it's worth a half-term visit.

Julia Colls 17 April 2022

Open to 18 April

Tickets from £18 adults, £10 6–14 yrs


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