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Women's History Month

Updated: Mar 4, 2021


Get ready for online events galore throughout March....

From offshore radio to sixteenth century lady pirates celebrate Women's History Month with a season of talks throughout March. Tickets need to be booked but all talks are free.

The Pirate Queen 9 March 7–8pm Join for a celebration of Grace O'Malley and other badass women who broke the rules. Free.

Women of Pirate Radio 15 March 6–7pm Discover more about the lives of these rebel offshore radio DJ's


From the women of the Sunday Movement who campaigned for museums to be accessible to the masses, right up to the present with women championing Herstories in London's heritage organisations today, uncover the vital role of heritage organisations in platforming some of the incredible stories of the women who have shaped our city. Ages 16+

For the very first time visit the museums Votes for Women exhibition online. Choose from many different suffragettes stories including those of Louise Eates, Kitty Marshall and Janie Terrero. Hugely moving introductory video.

Julia Colls 1 March 2021


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