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When Forms Come Alive

Sixty years of erupting, oozing, undulating sculptures have arrived at the Hayward Gallery perfectly in time for this wintry February half term.

Hugely playful, children will be mesmerised by these sprawling, flowing sculptures taking on so many differing fascinating forms. Weave amongst the 21 creations fashioned from foam, steel, metallic discs, glass, soot, lead and bee's wax.

The urge to touch them is excruciating.....

There is so much to inspire little minds but our highlights included


We first fell in love with these floating illuminated

flowers when we spotted them in the Rijks Museum in

Amsterdam after visiting the Vermeer exhibition.

The robotic flouncy silk petals furl and unfurl as they drop overhead in a beautiful balletic sequence.

BOUQUET FINAL by Michel Blazy

This enormous wall of foam is constantly, moving and changing shape. Watch very carefully and see it drooping very very slowly.

It's quite nerve wracking waiting for the big tides of sudds to flop to the floor.

UNTITLED (Mylar) by Tara Donovan

Created from thousands and thousands of reflective disks this gigantic bulbous agglomeration is one of the most incredible sculptures we have seen. They look like giant fruit pastels from a distance.

The interjoining spheres are perfectly joined together with hot glue.

PUMPING by Eva Fàbregas

This pulsating sculpture feels like the entangled intestines of a giant monster. Kids will love crawling amongst the twisted, throbbing fabric tubes stuffed with giant balls. The club music really adds to the atmosphere too.

We think little people will be transfixed by this show. A real treat for all ages.

By Julia Colls 7 Feb 2024

When Form Come Alive

Sixty Years of Restless Sculpture

7 Feb-6 May

£18 adults, U12s free


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