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REVIEW : The Summer Exhibition 2023

The really great, great and not quite so great return once again for the glorious Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy.

In its 255th year this may not be the favourite of art buffs, but the annual shindig at Burlington House is a great one for families. This year’s theme, Only Connect, is pretty fluid but we reckon it has resulted in a vintage year. Yes, not all the work on display is brilliant but that is the point; one might be done by your next door neighbour. Sculpture and architecture are particularly strong and the fun is to go round with the List of Works (all are numbered) and find out if the one you like is £300 or £30,000!

One of our favourites was the chair above made by Darcey Fleming and created with recycled twine. Yours for a mere £6,500!

Open to 20 Aug

Tickets: £24.50 adults, U16s free

By Julia Colls 2023


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