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Take One Picture at the National Gallery

This is one of our absolute favourite initiatives at the National Gallery. Every year, a painting is chosen from the gallery's permanent collection to be studied by primary school children across the country. Their responses are on display in the Sunley Room.

This year's painting is Claude-Joseph Vernet's A Shipwreck in Stormy Seas. It is a great choice and the variety and scope of the school projects, from over 40 schools, make it a vintage show. There are paintings, poems, collages, videos and models, together with descriptions from the children as to how their work took shape.

Children and adults alike will be inspired by the displays. Parents may find it surprisingly moving. The kids have obviously had such FUN doing it. Three huge cheers for our brilliant teachers!

Do pop along to Room 33 afterwards and see the painting itself.

Take One Picture 13 July–8 Oct. Free


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