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Sneakers Unboxed: Studio to Street

Step into the technicolour world of the trainer obsessed at the Design Museum's brand new show. It's WONDERFUL to be back!

The trainer has taken over the world. With thousands of models released each year in endless colours it is a mind-boggling industry currently valued at $6 billion dollars.

Split into two sections, 'Style' and 'Performance' the show takes visitors behind the scenes of this footwear phenomenon. Expect a crash historical course in the history of the street sneaker charting it rise over the last few decades from humble beginnings on the basketball courts of Brooklyn to the ultimate foot candy of millions globally today. After the US and China the UK are the third biggest buyers of trainers in the world.

From Michal Jordan and Run-DMC to Supreme and Kanye West uncover the iconic collaborations that have shaped this runaway industry. Also learn of the great works afoot by designers who are on a mission to make the industry more sustainable, Stella McCartney, Helen Kirkum and Alexander Taylor.

The show is scattered with super cool poster art charting the rise and rise of the street sneaker.

Look at for Shaquille O'Neals enormous Reebox trainer in a staggering size 22 and the cool all-white leather Adicolour Adidas trainers that come with their own set of coloured marker pens. The space-age Adidas FutureCraft.Strung shoe-making robot is awesome.

It really is quite staggering to see so many pairs of trainers all together in one place. A really fun show for sneakerhead teens (and their wannabe parents)!

Julia Colls 17 May 2021

Tickets £12 adults, £6.50 child, U6 free. Family £18.50

Open 18 May–24 October


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