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Serpentine Pavilion 2022

What a glorious day for the unveiling of the ENORMOUS new Serpentine Pavillion, Black Chapel. Created by the brilliant Theaster Gates this vast black cylinder is made from huge sheets of black timber with a wooden walk-way that slices through the heart of the structure.
Serpentine Pavillion 2022 - Black Chapel

Drawing inspiration from the bottle kilns of Stoke-on-Trent, the beehive kilns of San Pietro and the Musgum mud huts of Cameroon it feels like a cross between a chapel and a vast gas tank. Inside there are benches aplenty for quiet contemplation, seven silvery bitumen art works (also created by Theaster) and an impressive domed roof with a huge hole that lets the sunlight flood in illuminating the whole interior (it will deffo let the rain in too). Think roman Pantheon.

Listen out for the tolling church bell on the far side of the Pavillion. Salvaged from a church in Chicago the bell will ring loudly throughout the summer months. There are masses of fun events planned so keep an eye on their website listings.

This is the first time an artist has been awarded the pavilion, it's normally an architect that bags this one. A great direction change for the gallery we think - possibly the best pavilion yet.

Julia Colls 7 June

Black Chapel


10 June - 16 October


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