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REVIEW: Zog and the Flying Doctors

The popular Donaldson/Scheffler picture book sequel is back at the Rose Theatre, Kingston where is made its first outing over two years ago. Despite a successful national tour, I had failed to catch it, so was delighted to brave the Kingston one way system and spend an hour with the orange dragon and his friends.


The theatre was packed with mini Zog fans, who plainly didn’t need the sung re-cap to bring us up to speed with how Zog, Princess Alice and Sir Gadabout had become an air ambulance crew. The energy of the cast at changing super-quick into mermaids, lions, double-horned unicorns, is impressive and good use made of the sliding trees on set.


The show fizzes, especially whenever James Stirling as the King, complete with glorious ringlets (and in sparkly white disco kit as the double-horned unicorn) is on. When he forbids the princess from being a doctor and imprisons her in a tower, the stage is set for doctor wizardy, kindness repaid, forgiveness granted and a full girl power moment. The final song is a cracker, with lots of audience interaction. “It’s a task, it’s a test, it’s a quest.” And princesses CAN be doctors. Of course they can!


Fun half term outing.

Zog and the Flying Doctors runs at the Rose Theatre, Kingston from 28 May–2 June 2024. Tickets: £15–£20. Ages 3+.


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