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Review: The Glass Heart at Two Temple Place

My heart always skips with joy when I get an invitation to any new show at Two Temple place. This hidden architectural gem nestled just by Middle Temple Gardens is a Neo-Gothic delight.

New show The Glass Heart takes you on a journey through the art and glass industry here in the UK. Over 100 artworks spanning 170 years are dotted around the main galleries and mansion. From a cage of beating glass hearts to a ghostly ocean, ships sailing in glass bottles to magnificent stain glass windows delve into the history of the artistic glass industry. First originating way back in the 7th century in a church in the Black Country both traditional and contemporary glass works and sculptures are on display. The Great Exhibition of 1851 sparked huge interest in the use of glass making marking a new age of mass glass production and the beginning of the Arts & Crafts era.

There are heaps of animals for children to spot hidden amongst the stain glass windows and the Ghost Ocean will make them feel like they are walking on the sea-bed (albeit with a strong plastic eco message).

Kids & Family ocean/glass inspired workshops running on selected dates in Feb half term and the Easter hols. Click here for full details. Free children's trail too.

A perfectly formed show.

Julia Colls 26 January 2024

The Glass Heart

27 Jan-21 April

Open Tues-Sun, varying times



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