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Picture books

Fun stories and wonderful colours to brighten dull winter days. All of these hardback delights would make great Christmas presents. Click on the image or the title for a link to buy the book from and support local bookshops.

Pan Macmillan, £12.99

Never has counting been more fun than in this new book pop up from Julia Donaldson, beautifullly illustrated by Sharon King Chai. Explore the jungle AND learn your numbers.

Bonnier, £12.99

A dreamily poetic picture book about the flight of a swift as it travels on the wind eight thousand miles from a little girl in Africa to a little boy in Japan. An utterly delightful way to understand migration, seasons and the ancient power of the wind.

Scallywag Press, £12.99

A riddle to a page takes you through the day from sunrise to night-time. Little ones will have fun guessing what is being described before they turn.

“I’m a chorus of a million tiny voices.

Come and splash in my song.” Would you have got the rain?

Published back in July, this simple but magical book is worth looking out.

Bloomsbury, £12.99

Hurrah, a riotous joy of a rhyme from the brilliant Neil Gaiman. Hugely reminiscent of Dr Seuss – instead of the Cat in the Hat walking in to the children’s house, it’s Long John McRon. Similar highjinks ensue. Chris Riddell’s illustrations bring the cast of characters gloriously to life. One to read and re-read over and over. Perfect Christmas present material for ages 4–7.

Macmillan £12.99

The first part of Floella Benjamin’s inspiring story, as she and her sisters and brothers come from Trinidad to join her parents and siblings in London in 1960. The warmth of Benjamin’s words are perfectly complemented by Diane Ewen’s characterful, vibrant illustrations.

Scallywag Press, £12.99

First published in 1957, this follow up to the classic The Happy Lion, reissued by Scallywag Press back in the summer, has stood the test of time wonderfully. The Happy Lion is most unhappy, until one day a travelling circus comes to town and his eye alights on the most beautiful lioness in the world. One to read with granny and grandpa (when you can again).

Wellbeck Children’s £12.99

Meet a cast of different animals from lemurs to lizards, honey bees to chimpanzees and enjoy practising their dance moves. Claudia Boldt’s engaging illustrations will have little ones doing the jellyfish jiggle and the peacock strut in no time. A fun way to get a group of pre-schoolers active.

Hachette, £12.99

The Bake Off winner and all round national treasure wins again with this gentle story about a little girl who likes to go to school, most of the time. When she struggles, her pet tiger gives her the strength to find her voice to say it’s not OK to be mean, to make faces, to hold on too tight, to say words that hurt… Lovely engaging illustrations from Ella Bailey. Perfect for new Reception tots.


29 November 2020


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