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Peter Rabbit Easter Adventure REVIEW

Emily Turner was pleasantly surprised by the immersive Peter experience in Covent Garden. But there is a hefty price tag.

Covent Garden Piazza 21 March–16 April

Book your timed slot and start above the Chestnut Bakery in Floral Street, just off the Covent Garden Piazza. Little ones are given a pair of bunny ears and taken upstairs and ushered into Beatrix Potter's room. It is beautifully realised and the ten or so bunnies in our group were instantly engaged as Beatrix talked to them about her love of animals, science and her forgetfulness! A puppet Peter Rabbit and the Flopsy bunnies enchanted and by the end of the short session, the children were all ready for their mission, to find Jemima Puddleduck, captured by the evil Mr McGregor.

Then follows half an hour round the Covent Garden Piazza. Stop at a flower stall and pick up a clue, meet (a hilarious) Benjamin Bunny in an old fashioned puppet stand, find a shifty Mr Macgregor in front of his tractor and then follow him in search of Jemima. The trail is well devised and our little team were lead by an energetic Beatrix. Each of the stops is just long enough to keep the children's attention before they rush off to the next stop. The trail ends under a pop up gift shop which was the only moment it felt a bit clunky and the 'exit through gift shop' element of it jarred somewhat. We had to wait for a couple of minutes to enter Peter's burrow. This was a Saturday afternoon though. If you went on a weekday or earlier in the day, I don't think you would notice.

Overall, it is an unusual and charming 50 minutes that really captures the spirit and magic of the books. It is expensive. Tickets are £23, with no reduction for children. Under 2s are £6 but to be honest they are too little to enjoy it. Add ons such as riding the mini Landrovers are extra.


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