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Peter Blake: Time Traveller, Waddington Custot Review

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

A joyful exhibition dedicated to the groundbreaking exploration of collage over seven decades by the Godfather of Pop art and iconic artist Peter Blake.

" Possibilities are endless with collage" says Sir Peter Blake in the film (don't skip it) on show In Waddington Custot. The practice of collage has remained at the heart of Blake's ground breaking imagery and here is a survey of his iconic work from his found object constructions to his most recent digital print photography collages.

Time Traveller includes works from his Alphabet and Museum of Black and White series, there are homages to fellow artists Sonia Delaunay, Kurt Schwitters and Robert Rauschenberg, Clowns, wrestlers and Icons are shown alongside work around holiday postcards and sovernirs. Look out for Marcel Duchamp in a travelling bus alongside a collection of singers and entertainers that includes Ian Drury, the Spice Girls and the cast of the Wizard Oz. Spot Elvis, The Beatles, Lauren Bacall, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean ... Some of the collages feel like shrines, others like he is constructing a new reality.

Peter Blake has a magical ability to combine unrelated items into one cohesive artwork – each of which engage, fascinate and uplift. There's something here for all ages. GO!

Peter Blake: Time Traveller

Waddington Custot, 11 Cork Street, W1S 3LT

18th June to 13th August 2021

Anya Waddington 23rd June 2021


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