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Love is in the air ♥️ A Westminster Walk

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Given that this Sunday, 14th February, is St Valentine's Day there is no better place to start an urban walk than London's iconic landmark the statue of Eros (the winged Greek God of love firing his bow) at Piccadilly Circus. This famous statue is usually mobbed with tourists but Lockdown is an opportunity to admire it close up undisturbed.

Did you know?

❤️ It is actually a sculpture of Anteros, Eros's twin brother, also (wrongly) sometimes called the Angel of Christian Charity

❤️ Sculpted by Alfred Gilbert in1885, it was a tribute to the philanthropist, the 7th Earl of Shaftsbury, who helped improve the life of the poor of London (it was originally the Shaftsbury Memorial Fountain)

❤️ The statue was removed temporarily during the WW2 and hidden away

If you live in London it is rare that you stop, look up and see the things that tourists do. Now is the time to take advantage of a strangely quiet central London.

Starting at the Statue of Eros there are all sorts of loops you can walk and plenty of famous, magnificent buildings to look at. Here is our suggestion for just one really decent (probably about a two-hour walk) circle you might try:

From Eros, head down Piccadilly to Green Park where you can cross to Buckingham Palace. Then across St James's Park to Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. Peer into Downing Street if you want although there's nothing that exciting to see since it is closed and guarded. Back via Horse Guard's Parade – crossing over The Mall – and back to Eros at Piccadilly Circus.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Anya Waddington 12 February 2021


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