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Legion: Life in the Roman Army at the British Museum REVIEW

The aim of the latest British Museum blockbuster is to make the detail of the Roman army personal. They do this to brilliant effect by following one individual, citizen-soldier Claudius Terantianus. And, peeping round the panel on which we are introduced to Claudius there is a cheeky cartoon rat with a speech bubble, 'Psst! Never mind that - my bit's much better...' Meet Claudius Terrattus, your guide to the show. The colours and style of the chatty prompts will be instantly familiar to children brought up with the Horrible Histories series which will give them a confidence to go through the exhibits independently.

There is heaps of interactive fun to be had along the way. Are you tall enough to be a Roman soldier? How heavy is your backpack - can you lift it up? Try on armour; spin the Wheel of Misfortune to see how your career is going; play some Roman noughts and crosses.

The ancient artefacts on display dazzle next to the reproductions you can handle. Kids will have a blast without realising how much they are learning. Bravo British Museum - a masterclass in bringing the Ancient World to life.

Legion: Life in the Roman Army British Musuem1 Feb–24 June. Tickets: £22 adults, £20 students, U16s free.

Emily Turner 7 February 2024


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