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Late Constable at the Royal Academy

Growing up a few villages away from the Dedham Vale Julia has always been a huge fan of Constables vast landscapes and powerful moody skies. With magnificent oils, watercolours, pen and ink, printmaking and incredibly detailed sketch books this show really shows his artwork in a far more expressive and contemporary light.

Exhibiting his works from 1825 to his rather unexpected death in 1837 this show explores his later paintings and his change in style and enthusiasm for watercolours and printmaking. We loved his voluminous cloud paintings, apparently he was quite the meteorologist. Lots of animals for little people to spot too with a sweet trail to follow around the gallery rooms. From Stonehenge to Hampstead Heath, the Suffolk countryside to dramatic storms and rainbows we enjoyed it hugely.

By Julia Colls, 26 October 2021

Royal Academy

Late Constable Open to 13 Feb

Tickets from £19

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