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Handel Hendrix House

Updated: May 24, 2023

After an 18-month renovation one of our favourite museums has just reopened and we can tell you it is gleaming!

These two very different but immensely talented musical neighbours were divided by a red-brick wall and around 250 years. Post 'shape and shine' both Mayfair homes are now jam-packed with musical interactive's, facts and figures and most importantly lots and lots of live music.

As you walk through Handel's front door you are transported back to 17th century London. Drift through his entire house from the newly restored basement kitchen to his elaborate parlours and lavish red bedroom. Packed with instruments, furniture and art works it feels like you have stepped back in time. 25 Brook Street was the heart of Handel's life, he lived and composed here for 36 years. In a career spanning an incredible six decades George Frederick Handel wrote a staggering 42 operas, 29 oratories, 16 organ concerti and more than 120 cantatas, trios and duets.

In huge contrast to the finery of Handel's house enter the funky recreated 60's bedroom where Jimi Hendrix hung out with girlfriend Kathy Etchingham playing guitar, smoking and listing to vinyl. Perched on the very top floor of 23 Brook Street, Hendrix lived here for just under a year from July 68' to March 69'. The neighbouring rooms now house a new exhibition delving deeply into his musical legacy and influences. The museum is a bit of a rabbits warren - head down the back stairs into the new Jimi Hendrix 'Green Room' where you can settle down and listen to rare and live Hendrix footage on a big comfy leather sofa.

With live rehearsals planned in both houses ranging from costumed baroque performers to electric guitarists there's musical magic here for all tastes. With a new kids activity room we think a visit to this shining new museum should be top of your list this May half term.

25 Brook Street


Open Wed-Sun

Tickets: £14 adults, kids free

By Julia Colls 19 May 2023


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