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Arctic exhibition : a snapshot into a melting world

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

For over 30,000 years people have been living in the Arctic. Delve into their incredible history through the lense of climate change. From reindeer saddles to seal skin maps, customised husky sleds to hand-stitched fluffy parkas - it's thought provoking stuff. All the objects in this immersive, family-friendly exhibition reveal the huge resourcefulness of the Arctic's Indigenous People. There is no space for waste.

Discover powerful stories of their hugely respectful relationship with this often hostile icy world and learn how Arctic People have harnessed the changes in weather adapting their way of life so they continue to thrive. Open to 21 Feb.


Turners Modern World : a blazing maelstrom of a show

Raging seas, glowing ship wrecks, trains and savage slavery all captured in this OUTSTANDING exhibition. This show is vast with 8 rooms brimming with masterpieces from early architectural sketches to iconic steam powered oils from the 1840's.

You will see every sort of Turner here. It's a fascinating history lesson through the eyes of this hugely revolutionary contemporary artist. Open to 7 March


Covid Letters : eye-opening reactions to Boris

Expect LOTS of rage and rudeness in the 100's of responses from kids to the Lockdown letters sent out by Boris back in March. Emily found the level of childish vitriol troubling whilst Julia found them rather fascinating. It's a real mixed bag with creations from all ages ranging from 3yrs to14 yrs.

Poppy (11) turned her letter into a mask in protest.

There's swearing and political mud throwing but the children all have a common message. More PPE. Either way it's a thought-provoking, challenging show to which massive hats off to @sportsbanger for creating it. Extended to 11 Apr. Open Fri-Sun.


30 November 2020


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