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Dandelions in Kensington Gardens

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

The Serpentine Gallery alerted us to this one, for which many thanks - we are delighted by dandelion love!

Part of the Serpentine's Modern Forms sculpture commission, Sophia Al-Maria's Taraxos is designed to celebrate the humble dandelion as a symbol of freedom, resilience and understanding.

As you approach the twelve tall thin metal poles, you have to take quite an imaginative leap to see dandelions but stand in the middle, look up and the delicate steel clock heads fill the sky. Hold on to the 'stem' of one, listen to the movement of the wind through them and make a wish. If you give them a gentle nudge you will hear them jingle.

On the lawn going towards the Albert Memorial from the Serpentine Gallery. Unveiled on the Summer Solstice, Taraxos is part of an ongoing project by the artist with the Serpentine Galleries. Visit to find out more.

Emily Turner, 11 June 2021


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