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Dandelion in Schools

Updated: Jan 18

We are thrilled to be partnering with Storystock to offer a curated programme of IRL (In Real Life) and online workshops for schools. There are so many ways to bring KS1 topics to life through books. From nursery to secondary school classes, we can tailor sessions to the curriculum or provide a one off experience to inspire young minds.

We have teamed up with Storystock who ran a series of successful Zoom sessions with the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith during Lockdown 1. We adapted the format during the Autumn term and have beamed both authors and illustrators into real life classrooms. From Reception children participating in illustrator-led drawing workshops to Year 5 pupils listening to a wartime journal, we have seen how brilliantly the sessions work in a classroom setting.

Format The sessions are totally bespoke but generally will fit into a 30-45 minute lesson. Following an initial consultation with the class/subject teacher to discuss your requirements, a particular theme, age of children etc, we will come up with a shortlist of suggested speakers.

In order to maximise individual participation of the children, we would recommend a maximum of 4 classrooms per session.* Once agreed, we will liaise with your chosen speaker and brief them on particular aspects you would like them to focus on and provide you with details of anything that the children should have to enhance the experience – drawing materials etc. On the day of the visit, we will set up the zoom, introduce your speaker and provide moderation between the different classrooms where necessary. We can arrange the supply of books signed by the authors with personalised book plates for sale after the event.

Visits Adapted for Lockdown While we are hoping children will be back in classrooms for the second half of this term, we can offer sessions tailored for home schooling, subject to data protection issues.

Cost From £150 per session.

Suggestions Overleaf are some suggestions of authors that we have worked with recently. These are just to give you a flavour. There are heaps of wonderful story creators longing to engage with children, particularly at the moment. Our team has huge experience of new and established names we can recommend. * We have run sessions with multiple classrooms in individual schools and with two schools in different locations which is a fun way for pupils to interact with other children. We are looking at partnering schools in different countries!

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