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Dandelion Art – Week 9

Once a week we take a painting, or piece of sculpture, that interests us, tell you a bit about it and hope it sparks something with you and your families. We would love to hear your recommendations.


We are all looking forward to some trips away from home and Emily is counting down the days until she goes to the Isle of Wight which reminded me of a painting I love of Winifred Nicholson's children in a rented house in Fishbourne which is in the Scottish National Gallery of Art in Edinburgh.

Jack and Kate on the Isle of Wight by Winifred Nicholson

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, 1931-2

Winifred Nicholson (1893-1981) was a highly respected artist. She was a colourist who developed a personal impressionistic style, concentrating on domestic still life objects, flowers and landscapes. Her figurative painting is mainly restricted to her immediate family. This picture of two of her children is painted during a period of personal sadness after her separation from her husband.

Winifred Roberts married the artist Ben Nicholson in 1920. They separated in 1931when he decided to live with Barbara Hepworth, leaving Winifred to look after their three children (Jake, Kate and Andrew). Following their separation, she rented a house in Fishbourne on the Isle of Wight throughout the winter of 1931-32 with a view from the conservatory of the Solent. This picture was painted at Christmas.

Anya Waddington 3rd April 2021


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