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Coronation books for kids

From an imaginative weaving of history ancient and modern, to an irreverent picture book, here are five to choose from to get ready for the big day!

The Boy Who Would be King by Michael Morpurgo, illus by Michael Foreman, Harper Collins £12.99 hardback Michael Morpurgo is just a little older than our new King. He too was sent away to school and shares Charles’ love of nature and the countryside. This affectionate fairytale tells the story of a young prince who runs away from school because he is unhappy and meets a mysterious old lady in a forest. There is a light touch of British history (King Alfred and his burnt cakes) and our future monarch learns about duty and being courageous to try and change things for the better. A fitting tribute from a master storyteller, illustrated by the wonderful Michael Foreman. One to keep.

The King's Pants by Nicholas Allan, Andersen Press £7.99 paperback

The follow-up to the much-loved The Queen's Knickers could hardly have come at a better time. The King has a pair of pants for every occasion, including, of course, the Coronation Pants. One day there is a mix up and the Royal pants get put in the Royal Mail! Hilarious chaos ensues – thank goodness for kilts! Children will love this nuts knickers caper and have fun thinking up different designs for occasion pants.

Our King Charles by Eleanor Grey, illus by Rose Gerrard, Hachette £7.99 paperback. Julia learned heaps of historical facts about King Charles, including his love of Jack Russells and chickens. Bluebell and Beth are the first rescue dogs to live in Buckingham Palace. King Charles (AKA The Eco King) also made a special sustainable fuel to power his Aston Martin from old wine and cheese whey.

Peppa and the Coronation Penguin £6.99 paperback Tiny ones can get in on the act with Peppa who thinks the corry-nation sounds great fun. At nursery she has a chance to have a go being Queen but, because she is a kind-hearted piggy, she lets everyone have a try.

King Charles by Maria Isabel Sanchez Veagra, illus by Matt Hunt, Frances Lincoln £9.99 hardback

We love Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara's Little People BIG DREAMS series but her coronation-lady biography of the King verges too much on the hagiography for us. For diehard fans only.


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