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Diverse Voices

We hosted a wonderful whirlwind of events both IRL and virtually for Book Week 2022. A huge thank you to all the awesome authors and illustrators. We loved it and all the children did too.

Book Week 2022: Diverse Voices

28 February–4 March 2022

NURSERY/RECEPTION: Once Upon a Yoga Mat with Alex Hinson MONDAY, 28 February (separate sessions for Reception & Nursery)

These yoga-telling sessions take the narrative of much-loved stories and incorporate Yoga postures, movements, simple breath awareness and relaxation techniques into the structure of the stories. From Room on a Broom to Where the Wild Things Are, encourage concentration while igniting a curiosity of how yoga can be incorporated into everyday life. Yoga mat not necessary, just some space to move.

YEARS 1/2: Rashmi Sirdeshpande and Rikin Parekh - Storytime and Draw-a-long WEDNESDAY, 2 March 11am

Rashmi is a lawyer turned children’s author with two young children. She writes both fiction and non-fiction titles. Rikin is an illustrator and also works as a Learning Support Assistant in primary schools. Yes You Can Cow! takes a familiar nursery rhyme, Hey, Diddle, Diddle and turns it into a gorgeous, heart-warming story about believing in yourself. Bring papers and pens.

YEAR 3: Chitra Soundar – Create a Detective Story MONDAY, 28 February 2pm

Award-winning Chitra will lead an interactive session for Year 3 about writing a mystery set in India and London based on her latest book, Sindhu and Jeet’s Detective Agency. Learn how to think like a detective and how to plan and create a mystery using familiar settings and usual suspects. Bring paper and pens.

YEAR 4: Kate Pankhurst Tuesday, 1 March, 2pm

Kate, a descendent of Emmeline Pankhurst, is the author/illustrator of the best-selling Fantastically Great Women.series in both picture books and chapter books. Her latest book in the series, Fantastically Great Women Artists and their Stories was published this month.Meet Frida Kahlo, who found the greatest muse for her art was in fact herself; Laura Knight, the artist who ran away with the circus and quilt-maker Faith Ringgold who stitched together untold stories… plus many, many more fantastically great women! There will be drawing, there will be dressing up and most importantly, there will be lots of inspiration to change the world.

YEAR 5: Sabine Adeyinka Wednesday, 2 March 2pm

Jummy at the River School is the debut novel from Sabine Adeyinka and is a delightful story about privilege, opportunity and friendship set in a boarding school in 90s Nigeria. Sabine was born in England to a Nigerian dad and Jamaican mum. Like Jummy, she attended a Nigerian boarding school and will lead an interactive session for Year 5.

YEAR 6: Benjamin Dean - Meet the Author Friday, 4 March 10am

Benjamin Dean is a London-based celebrity reporter. His debut story, Me, My Dad and the End of the Rainbow came out last year to huge acclaim. His second, The Secret Sunshine Project is out at the end of March. He will lead a fun, interactive session for Y6 about the importance of tolerance and being yourself.

Dandelion Events, March 4 2022


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