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Beyond the Streets

Over 150 artists have stormed into the Saatchi gallery and completely taken over all three floors. Literally not one single scrap of gallery space has been left untouched by this achingly cool street art exhibition.

Following on from sell out shows in New York and Los Angeles this one is a definite YES for families and teens. Paying homage to contemporary street artists world-wide, gone are the gleaming white gallery walls, many sprayed from floor to ceiling with vast vibrant graffiti murals. This is a celebration of youth culture in all it's differing froms. Icons, rule-breakers, hip-hop, punk, fashion, film, installations and large scale murals - its a real assault on the senses.

High lights for kids include -

Cosmic Cavern ⚡️

Kenny Scharf and his art school roommate Keith Haring used to scour the streets of NYC collecting stuff along the way. Hauling their finds back to their digs they spray painted their treasure and stuck it to the walls of their closet. Recreated for this show this cosmically clad, glow in the dark, cavern is like a modern day Aladdin's cave.

Rubbish Stuff 🪆

This immersive puppet shop with bouncing fluffy monsters and hundreds of doll and puppet body parts is a genius creation my Paul Insect. Everything you see on display as your peer through the window is made from recycled materials.

Trash Record Store 🎧

Inspired by Blondie and Trash Records this recreated interactive record shop, decked with vinyls and retro posters, encourages you to browse through their collections and enjoy whatever music is spinning on the turntable.

The Saatchi have come up trumps once again. This show will blow your mind. A total visual feast.


Saatchi Gallery

Open to 9 May 2023

10am - 5pm

Family tickets £55


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