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Artist in Residence at the NG

If you prick us, do we not bleed

Surrounded by Renaissance paintings tucked away in the Sainsbury Wing of the National Gallery visitors will find some rather curious cabinets. The brilliant Ali Cherri has created five mixed-media sculptural installations inspired by five paintings vandalised whilst on display at the gallery. A shotgun wound to a Leonardo da Vinci, a knife slashed Barocci, a Velázquez cut by a suffragette and both a Poussin and Rembrandt attacked with paint are the inspiration for his touchingly curious sculptures. Healing is a central aspect of all Cherri's creations as he reflects on the different levels of trauma suffered by each masterpiece.

For an exhibition created out of vandalism this little gem of a show left us feeling rather inspired. Great material for any GCSE art book.

By Julia Colls, 16 March 2022

To 12 June

Sainsbury Wing



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