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Fabulous Fuzzy Felt

A round of applause for the National Felt Service!

Bourdon Street Chemist by Lucy Sparrow, 19 April – 8 May

Lyndsay Ingram, 20 Bourdon St, London W1K 3PL

Commercial art galleries opened on 12 April so there's an opportunity for an art fix ahead of public museums and galleries opening in the middle of next month.

No better place to start than the Lyndsay Ingram Gallery which artist Lucy Sparrow has transformed into the Bourdon Street Chemist stocked with 15,000 items made from felt. Buy anything from toothpaste and shampoo to thermometers and painkillers all made by the National Felt Service (NFS).

Lucy is resident in the gallery for the duration of the installation where visitors enter what appears to be a chemist shop. The thousands of items have been meticulously researched and painstakingly hand-sewn and painted. All the artwork can be picked up and bought – it is a properly interactive and immersive experience. The perfect antidote to a year of online art.

Inevitably pre-booked timed tickets are sold out but walk-ins are accommodated. Open 10.30 – 6pm, Monday – Saturday.

Further details can be found on the gallery website:

For online chemist shopping visit:

Anya Waddington 28 April 2021


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